Race Series Info

Three Simple Steps:

A) Register for the Race Series BEFORE February 8th, 2017.

B) Register and officially finish at least five (5) official WRFB Race Series Races (Be sure to get a beer after each one)

C) Come to the final race and collect a cool Will Run For BEER Jacket. (That’s it – Oh, have fun)

FAQ:What if I have finished 5 races but can’t pick up my jacket?
You have two options:

1) Email Linda@Locorunning.com by June 16th and provide her with the name of who will pick it up for you. Your jacket will be given to that person only (no one else). If you don’t email Linda, your jacket will not be given out. You MUST email Linda if you want someone else to pick up your jacket.
2) You can send us $5 for shipping and we will mail your jacket to you AFTER the race. Please be sure to include a note with your full name and address. Check made out to: LOCO Sports, Inc. PO Box 423, Newmarket, NH 03857

 Multi-race discounts

Choose your discount:

  • Sign up for 3 LOCO races, and save $15. Use Discount Code: Loco2017
  • Sign up for 5 LOCO races and receive $30 off your fifth race: Discount Code: Series2017

Discount codes in effect until February 5th.

Now, for those of you that want to every single itty bitty detail…………….

Race Series Overview:

  1. The Series consists of 10 events each with a cool Beer theme and of course delicious cold draft beer after. (Distances range from 5K to Half Marathon) from January 1 to June. If you enter officially and complete 5 WRFB Series races you will receive a cool Will Run For BEER jacket. Note: You can complete this series and not run a half marathon.
  2. First – you must register for the Beer Series Here – Cost is $5 until Dec 31 and $10 from Jan 1-Feb. 5th.  Registration ENDS Feb. 5th, 2017 – No exceptions.
  3. You must register separately for and finish at least 5 races in the series to receive the Will Run for Beer Wind Jacket.  Events and registration links are on the Will Run for Beer Series Home page. Register for each race well in advance as some races sell out!
  4. Important: you must be registered for the Will Run for Beer Series AND you must register for and finish each of at least 5 Beer Series races to receive your Wind Jacket! If a race sells out and you have not registered but you need that race to complete 5 races – Sorry, you will not get your wind jacket.  Repeat: register early for each race to avoid being shut out.  Oh by the way, you do not have to run a Half Marathon as there are 7 events that offer races from 5K to 10K.
    • Cash Awards to Beer Series Winners (Top 3 overall male & female)
    • Wind Jackets will be available at the Series Finale at the Smuttynose Will Run for Beer 5K. Please try to make the last race if you have completed 5 races. It’s a blast!

Registration Guidelines

  1. Please register for the Beer Series and each race using the same first and last name.  If your name is Elizabeth Smith and you go by Beth Smith, use one or the other name, but not both.  If you switch back and forth between the two names, it makes very difficult for us to track your Beer Series and you may not get credit for a race or races AND you may not get your Wind Jacket!
  2. Be sure to register for the Beer Series before registration closes – No Exceptions.
  3. Wind Jackets come in unisex sizes: XX Small = Womens Small, XSmall = womens Medium, Small = womens large, Medium, Large, XLarge, and XXLarge and XXX-Large.  Be sure to order your correct size.  Jackets are ordered as soon as the Beer Series registration closes so size changes are only accepted until the end of registration.
  4. If someone registers for you, be sure they list your email address, your home address and your telephone number.  If your address or telephone number are not correct, you may not get credit for your races and you may not get your Wind Jacket.
  5. Please check the results of each race to see that we have your name, gender, and time listed correctly.

Will Run For Beer : Point System

LOCO takes care of the points. All YOU have to do is sign up and run your heart out! Most people run the series to get the jacket and are not concerned with the points. But, if the competitive juices flow through your veins take a look at the system below.

Competitive Point Scoring System

Overall Race Winners for each race (Top 5 male & female) Double Points for Half Marathons!
5K to 10K Races            Half Marathons
1st Place             100 points                    200 points
2nd Place             75 points                     150 points
3rd Place              50 points                     100 points
4th Place              25 points                       50 points
5th Place              10 points                       20 points

Age Group Point System: Within each race, you are awarded age-group points based on how your finish compared with others in the race series.

Place Age Group: 5K to 10K Races            Half Marathons

1st Place             25 points                    50 points
2nd Place            15 points                     30 points
3rd Place              10 points                    20 points
4th Place              5 points                     10 points
5th Place              2 points                       4 points

There are two types of points.

1) Jacket “points” or race completed points.

For every race in the series, if you register and finish the WRFB race officially you get one “race completed” point. If you get 5 of these race completed points, you are eligible for a Will Run For BEER race jacket. Jackets are handed out after the last race in June.

2) Participation and AGE Group points. (Example Jan 1 race 5K)

For every race we take everyone in the Series that races and do an age/place chart. This tells you how you did against everone that is in the Series – in that particular race. So even if you did not place in the top three in your age group in the race – maybe you placed in the top 5 of the race series age group points. (cool huh)

For example: if you ran the 5K or 10K on January 1, you can see Ryan Leighton was the fastest male participant in his age group (amongst series people) in the 5K getting 6th place. For that he earned the following

25 points for age group,

He was also the second fastest runner out of ALL male race series guys.

so he got 75 more points.

Now, Mike Roberts was 92nd place

He just missed getting some age group points, but he got 1 participation point like everyne else below him.

RACE Points for Jackets:

Here are the same two individuals.

Looks like Ryan ran the Palooza race and got credit for that race – it shows two races in the last column

Also. Mike ran that race. He now has 2 points total AND two Jacket points.


3) What do the points mean.

Well of course the Jacket points are significant, as if you get 5 Jacket points your get a cool jacket.

The other age groups points are for the most bragging rights for the series for your competitive ego.

The top three OVERALL point winners do get some meager cash prizes at the end and of course universal recognition!


You must finish 5 races to win or place in an age group.